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Balances and Goals

July 2nd, 2012 at 06:15 pm

Here is an update on my current account balances:

Checking - $2,421.86
Gas CC - $0.00 (currently no longer in use)
CC 1 - $57.10 (not due until 8/2/12; Not in use)
CC 2 - $40.46 (Scheduled to be paid off 7/23/12; Not in use)
CC 3 - $976.70 (Current balance of $537.22 to be paid 7/6/12; BofA cash rewards card)
Target Card - $106.38 (not due until 7/29/12)
Savings - $1,411.20 (recurring $50 payment every 2 weeks)
Mortgage - $135,034.21

I plan on keeping up with my expenses to try and curb spending. July will be an expensive month though. Gfs b-day is this month and will be taking a day and night away. Payment for grad classes will probably be due as well this month or early next. Will also be buying plane tickets to AZ for a hiking trip I have already planned on taking and am saving up for. I can't wait for soccer season to start back up for the extra income.

2 Responses to “Balances and Goals”

  1. Jerry Says:

    I like that you consider this blog as a way to lead to public accountability for your financial decisions. Very wise, and I think it offers some insurance of an additional failsafe if you have to ask the question, "Do I REALLY want to post this purchase on my blog?" Smile Good for you.

  2. http://customcollegeessays.com/blog/tolerance-essay Says:

    This month will be expensive for you because it has many payments and purchases, but you can correct the balance next month.

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