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August 29th, 2008 at 05:55 am

Ok, so today was payday. Thanks to the pay period having ended prior to classes starting, I received more of a paycheck than will be normal. I also too out my savings and put all of that and the paycheck toward my CC. Having done that, once it clears, I will have reduced my debt by $455. (2120-455=1665) It's a start. This weekend will be a good money making weekend, lots of work starting tonight and ending Monday. That whole check will be put toward the CC. I am also waiting on a check for $116 for money I lent out, this will also go toward my CC.

Getting started

August 28th, 2008 at 06:00 pm

Well, this is my first blog. Any and all suggestions are welcome. Right now I have $2,120 in debt on CC @ 9.99%. My goal is to get rid of the debt before the end of the semester (December 11 or so). The goal after that is to save up for several different things. 1) New DSLR camera with lenses (roughly $2400 total), 2) New PC (to be able to play the new PC games coming out, roughly $1100), 3) Week long trip to Vegas for spring break (unsure how much that will cost). I have financial aide coming in soon to the tune of about $1400. The entire check will be sent to the CC companies. I work 20 hours per week @ $8.25/hr ($165ish a week before taxes). I also have a second job, which is more unstable due to the nature of it. Until all debt is paid off, I will put all income towards the CC. I also have $50/month going into a Roth (PRWCX) as well as $55/month going to College Pre-Paid for my son who is 4. Along with the goals, I also need to save up for gifts for the holiday season, I don't plan on spending much, but I'd like to pay cash for it. I will keep an update to this as much as I can, I have a bad habit of not following up so if you all stay on my rear I'll be good Smile