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So very soon

October 5th, 2008 at 12:06 pm

So, I received 2 checks over the weekend. One for $245 and the other for $60. This puts me at $305. I have $261 left on the card (because I have my cell bill auto pay to it). So, Monday I will deposit the checks and have the money sent to the card. That will give me $44 extra. Unfortunately I had to use some of my savings this week because I sent more to the Card than I should have. I have $150 in there right now. Pay-day is on Friday, and with no other bills, should be able to replenish my savings up to $300, we will see. I still have to get groceries, hopefully I can do what I did last time and get them for under 120 (for 4 people might I add), it helped that we had extra meat left over in the freezer.

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