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Will be done

September 23rd, 2008 at 08:18 pm

I cashed my checks today, total of $840. I transfered 125 to my savings because I had to use 100 early in the week. So that puts me at 715 total to send off. If you remember, my debt was 898. Payday is Friday, I have 244 coming my way (with 61 to my savings automatically). So combined with the 244, I have 959 to pay with. 959-898=61. That is how much will be left in my checking. My savings will be at 299. I know 61 isn't a lot of spending money for 2 weeks, but I have a lot of work coming this weekend, going to be a good payday, and most in cash. That will give me more spending money for the 2 weeks. I'll be debt free and everything else will be heading to my savings. I still have my monthly debts, such as gas, Pre-paid tuition, cell phone, money transfer to my IRA. So that will be 150+gas per month. Should be taken care of in one paycheck from normal work, everything from independent contracting will go straight to savings, or maybe my other IRA, prob a mix. I'll keep things updated.

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