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Checks :)

September 19th, 2008 at 07:08 pm

Finally, I got a couple checks with the sum total of 390. Wonderful. Come Monday, they shall go in my account and be sent off to the CC on Friday, along with some of my paycheck. I'm hoping that I will have another check to deposit along with the other (which should be to the tune of 300 or so). So, with the two check in hand and some of my paycheck, my CC will be down by about $600, leaving me with 548. If I get the other check, then it will go down by more, but I will leave that to when it actually comes in. Well I'm off, till next time.
I don't think I posted that I sent 250 toward my CC, so balance right now is 898. I also forgot that I have to send in a deposit for the people who are going to come to my son's b-day party and give a reptile presentation. That amount is around 100, so that is 100 less that I have to send to the CC. So the amount to be sent Friday is closer to 500, but will leave me only 400 or so in debt. Will update later.

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