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Slow Checks

September 18th, 2008 at 03:44 pm

So, the part that sucks about being an independent contractor is the payment time period. What I mean by that is how long it takes to receive payment. Usually it doesn't take this long, but for some reason, they are being really slow. I'm sitting on about $700 in unpaid earnings. I could use that to pay down my debt, which right now stands at about 1150. I know it went up. I have had automatic payments put on it for my class ring, which has been running 150 ish a month. This should be the last month I have to pay on it. Also, I had another 25 put on it for E-pass (which is electronic payments for tolls, just in case anybody was wondering). This was put on because work has taken me to more distant places and I had to get there fast. I've also been spending more in gas, because of more work. I'm still making a nice profit after factoring in gas and food so no worries there, plus the mileage is a tax break, as is half the food. I will talk more about things as they come about.

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