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IRA update

September 18th, 2008 at 03:53 pm

Wanted to update on holdings for my self directed IRA. I have purchased WIN, ACAS, and GE. I have an average yield of 11.37% (because of ACAS's outstanding yield). GE I have a yield of 5.03%, ACAS is 21%, and WIN is 8.09%. Add them together and divide by 3 is how I got average. Weighted average isn't too far away from that 11.37%. I don't have much in there, but all the dividends are being reinvested for free (thank you broker) and it only cost $4 to buy. I'm at their mercy as far as entry price, but seeing as how I'm going for yield with a long horizon, I'm not worried about that. I plan on building on these positions before I venture to another company. BAC is looking good, assuming they don't have to cut their dividend. As it stands, they are around 9%, but with the buyout of Countrywide earlier and their recent buyout of Merrill Lynch, who knows if they will have to cut it in order to help finance it. In any event, they seem to be in a good position once all this has past. (please don't take as a recommendation, these are thoughts of analysts I have read)
As always, any comments are welcome.

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