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Slowly getting there

September 10th, 2008 at 05:51 am

Ok, so I took 200 of the Fin Aid and sent it to my savings so I can have some in there. the rest is heading to the CC. I had 1665 or so on the CC. Since I have my cell phone bill automatically sent there, it is up to 1711 or so. I sent 748.01, which will completely pay off one CC. that leaves me with just under 1000 left. Pay day is Friday, so that's another 217. With that, I can send another 250 to the remaining CC, leaving around 700-725. I am still waiting on my check from Memorial weekend, just under 400. I have had some extra work this past week, so those checks should start coming in shortly. All in all I'm probably sitting on about 600 in checks waiting to come in. I shall keep you all updated.
Just one quick thing, if you refere to my first post, I have some goals and things to buy. All of that will be paid in cash and will come after I have a minimum of 1,000 in my savings.
Also, opened up a new IRA. I will post more on that at a later time.

1 Responses to “Slowly getting there”

  1. JB Says:

    You're getting close! Don't let up now!

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